One Act of Kindness…

20131111-145712.jpg…Is how it all began. Roy Dotrice, one of the stars of the 1987 television series, “Beauty and the Beast,” replied to a fan letter. Within months a correspondence grew into the infozine “Pipeline.”

At first, none of the fans knew there was anyone else ‘out there’ interested in their favorite show. Even though an “International Club” was also organizing in that Spring of 1988, as was the fandom’s first letterzine aptly entitled “Once Upon A Time.” Exec and creator, Ron Koslow, did not want to officially sanction any one of us, but he did grant exceptional access.


Thus started a 5-year adventure writing for a little fanzine that gained an international readership in the thousands and landed its amateur journalist/editor a byline in “Starlog” magazine, Unknownphoto credits and favorable review in American, British, and Canadian “TV Guides,” mentions in “USA Today,” a job offer from a Hollywood ad agency, reference in a college textbook (“Textual Poachers” by Henry Jenkins), and even an interview on TV’s “Entertainment Tonight.”

12 thoughts on “One Act of Kindness…

  1. Ruth Sentelle says:

    Thank you Steph for the memories. How I LOVED each and every issue of Pipeline…it really got to the Heart of B & B. Thanks a million for all the lives you touched and for your part in promoting our beloved shows. Ruth Sentelle

  2. Jo Baca says:

    This is a wonderful gift to fandom all over again! Thank you!!

  3. Sally Newman says:

    Yes Steph, Pipeline was the best and helped all of us connect. The ripples of your kindness grow wider still and we still remember the friendships, kindness and love

  4. Thanks guys, without your help and support, Pipeline might have existed but I would never have dreamed of getting up and actually talking in front a thousand (?) people at that first B&B convention. I was scared to death until I realized I’d probably already talked to every one of the attendees on the phone!

    • Ruth Sentelle says:

      Your name is right up there on top, along with names of the original cast, writers, directors and promoters. Thanks again, Steph!

  5. Carole W says:

    Many, many thank-yous, Steff.

  6. Amy says:

    Steff thank you so much for keeping the dream alive for all the fans, new and old!– we all appreciate your supportX

  7. Angie says:

    I recently acquired a copy of Pipelines (April/May 1990 – Vol III, No. 4/5) and am finding it fascinating on so many levels.
    I love your site and have read all the entries with great interest. So I have a question. Would you have any objection to me scanning the issue I have and posting it in my online museum (The Treasure Chambers) as a pdf? It’s a remarkable piece of B&B history. Even the ads make interesting reading. I’d love to see more of these made available to fans – and am willing to do the work to make that happen. And of course, I’d be happy to share them with you.
    As you will know if you visit my Museum, the Museum Project has gathered a lot of articles and other fan material. I’m keen to keep adding to the collection.
    If I can help, please let me know.

    • Thank you, Angie, I had no idea what a time capsule Pipeline would become. Then again it was born into ‘interesting times.’  Scan away, I’ve been meaning to do the same myself but my new scanner has had too much of a backlog to oblige. Your Treasure Chamber is indeed a treasure you know, one that on occasion saved me considerable time and effort unpacking boxes to look for just the right photo for this blog. Experience has a way of becoming fossilized if it does not continue to be remembered and loved. Your curating has brought together an invaluable resourse– a record of both the creative achievement of “B&B” as well as the community that formed around it. It’s a worthy stand-in for living memory (which has a habit of not being around forever). ‘Twould be a privilege and honor to have Pipeline displayed in your Chambers. 

      • AN says:

        Thanks so much for the permission and compliments! Sobi (who has been a huge help with so many of my projects) told me you had answered. RL keeps interferring, so apologies for the tardy reply. Please feel feel to contact me by email.

      • RL has a habit of doing that. Then again, where would we be without it? My thanks to Sobi for bridging the virtual divide!

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